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Welcome To Our
Teddy Bear Says No Campaign

have joined force's with the increasing amount of web sites that are promoting Internet safety and placing your families photo's on the Internet.

May it be an online photo album, placing your children's photo in an online photo contest ,or even sending picture's of your children through an e-mail list.

We have only recently learned the dangers of placing your families photo out there on Internet for all to see.

Yes we are proud of our Children, and we want to show them off to everyone, but think of all the not so nice people who want to look at your photo's of your family.

One of the most dangerous of all is the Pedophile.  Men and women that prey on the innocence of children.

This topic is something that we as parents do not like to think about, but unfortunately it is something we Must be aware of.

Do not think this will never happen to me or my child. We all pray to god this will never happen, but you must educate yourself and your children to protect yourself from the evil that is in this world.

You may think you and your children are protected, and there is no harm in placing your families photo on the Internet but this is not so.

They enter your web site without you knowing, download your child photo and can recreate your child photo into something that is not so pure. They may even place your child's picture on their web site and offer them to other pedophile to use ,and distribute.

You may wonder how they can find your child's photo.
Very easy
They use regular search engines ,they visit family friendly web sites, knowing full well they will find picture's of your children there.

We at Women&Children Urge you to take matter's into your own hands and remove all your family photo's from your web site.

I have to say we were guilty and placed our family picture up for all to see ,but now that we know the dangers of doing so we have removed all our graphics, and are now helping to spread the word to say no to online photos.
We hope that now that you know the dangers, you will do the same.

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would like to thank all the wonderful website that have added this logo to their website ,and help us spread this important safety message.
Together we can make a difference.

If you would like to add this logo to your site.
and help spread the word about the dangers of placing children photo's on the Internet.

Please Click here
for instructions on adding our Logo to your site

Please check back often to keep up with the current links.
Thank You

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Alternatives to having your children's photo placed on your web page.

1: Have your child draw a picture of themselves.

2: Use their favorite cartoon graphic

3: If you know how to use a programs like Paint Shop Pro, cut out the face and place a cartoon or silly image.

4: Use Cyber Adopted graphic to represent your child.

5: Use any type of graphic to replace your child's photo.

There are so many free graphics out there ,I am sure you will find one that is perfect for you. And by all means if you need help and want a graphic created for your child. Let me know I will be more than happy to place a graphic with your children First Or Nick Name on it.

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There is a wide misconception among the public that child molesters were sexually abused as children. Millions of sexually abused children have grown up and have not become child molesters. It is just another lie used in our courts so molesters will get a lighter sentence

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Pandora's Box

State & Federal Resources

Megan's Law Information Page

Megan's Law in All 50 States
On May 17, 1996, President Clinton signed Megan's Law into federal law. As a result, local law enforcement agencies in all 50 states must notify schools, day care centers, and parents about the presence of dangerous offenders in their area.  

FBI - Crime Against Children Program

Facts about Sex Offenders

How to protect yourself and your family

Report Child Pornography Online

How to talk to your kids

Click here to report child sexual abuse.

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With nearly 60% of the convicted sex offenders in the US living next to us, working with us, worshipping with us and associating with our children, it is is important that parents and guardians of children become aware and educate themselves about sex offender behaviors and how people from all walks of life gain the trust children and later molest them.

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Innocent Images National Initiative

Beware Of Blogs

Internet-Related Safety Tips for Teens

Code Adam

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Kidz Privacy

Net Nanny

ICQ "Bad Word" Filter Download Area

Monitoring and Filtering Software

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Here are a few rules you can teach your child:

Stay away from people who call you near their car, even if they offer to take you somewhere exciting.

Teach Your Child
If someone tries to take you away, yell, "This person is not my father (or mother)" and scream.

If you get lost in a store, go to the checkout counter. Do not wander around on your own. And Never Leave the store.

I do not have to keep a secret from my parents, I will tell them about things or people that scare me. Let them know you will never get mad or upset if they have something to tell you.

No one should touch you in the parts covered by you are bathing suit, and you should not be asked to touch anyone there.

Do not let anyone take your picture without permission from your parents or teacher.

When I leave the house, I will always tell my parents who I am with and where I am going.

Tell your children not to trust strangers. Educate them about what to do if someone tries to entice them into a vehicle or home, and teach them not to take anything from strangers unless you give your approval.

Have your children memorize your home and office telephone number. Teach them how to reach you by phone

Teach your child it is ok to say no to an adult ,especially if they do not like what they are saying or doing.

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America's Most Wanted

Myths and Facts About Sex Offenders

Help for Victims

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS)

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Are you a Safe Cyber Surfer Take The Quiz?

First Gov For Kids

Justice for Kids & Youth - Website for Children

Take Action!
Letter Writing & Flyer Campaigns

Does a sexual offender live in your neighborhood?

National Alert Registry Report

Free Child Identification Kit

Shared Hope International

elimination of child prostitution

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