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We at Women&Children believe in many causes.
Causes which effect Every Man, Woman ,and Child.
One person alone cannot take on the world but together we can make a difference.
Isn't it time you stood up ,and said enough is enough.

We have created this web ring in hopes to spread the word about Child Abuse. If you would like to Join our web ring and help us fight Child Abuse
Just follow the simple steps below.

Qualifications for the rings are very simple

Your web site must contain some information somewhere about Child abuse, may it be a cause page ,links to child abuse information ,your own personal stories, whatever it is you have done to help promote child abuse awareness.

Each site will be screened before entering, to ensure that we are all linking to safe clean sites.

(Any web site that is inappropriate to Women or Children will not be entered into this Webring)

Follow the simple steps below to Join
I'm Sorry Webring

Fill in the submit form

***Remember if you are going to place the webring on a webring page, you must use that URL, this ensures that the webring will flow with ease.***

You will be then taken to a page where you can copy the code and download the graphic.
If you have not picked it up here first.

You will also be sent an email with your site information and direction on where to pick up the code, if you choose not to copy on the after submit page you may use the link that comes in your e- mail.

Don't forget to upload the graphic to your sever or you will see an X on your site

Once the code has been properly added to your website, we will review your code for membership

If you would like to e-mail me and let me know your site is ready to be reviewed we welcome you to do so.

Site title
Description (max 250 characters)
Keywords (optional; max 150 characters)
Site entry URL
HTML code URL (leave blank if same as entry URL)
Site ID (letters and/or digits)    
Do not use
a valuable
Name (name of the site's webmaster)
Email (email address of the site's webmaster)


Copy this graphic to your hard drive.
Then upload this graphic to your server.
You don't have to have this graphic on your webpage.
It just has to be on your web sites server.

*****Do Not Change or Rename the graphic below.

It is called

Image of sorry.gif

Current members of the Ring or Queue may edit their site information below.

Protect is the Ring Id

You code And Stats are also listed on this page

This is what your ring should look like


This Protecting Our Children Ring

is owned by Kimmi

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Women & Children


This Women & Children's Ring

is owned by Kimmi

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