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Support groups are a wonderful way to help you through a change in your life. Support groups can help us face the challenges resulting from a change in health, family or other aspects of our lives. Sharing our experiences with others in the same situation, learning from each other and growing from each challenge that we face -- these are just some of the benefits you'll reap from belonging to a support group.

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Crohns & Colitis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation

Better Health Depression

Endometriosis Resource Page

Hysterectomy Support

Infertility resources

National ADDA

National Alliance Of Breast Cancer

Preemie Resource Page

Sids Network

Trisomy 18

The Compassionate Friends

The Shaken Baby Alliance

The Victim's Justice Center Inc


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Changing the laws that govern doctors who commit malpractice.
Please go and visit this site that is helping victims of this monstrous act as well as other crimes so that we can bring awareness to others. Eventually we can change these and other laws that govern all doctors who commit malpractice and bring justice to other victims. Please sign this petition, and while you are there you should read Joni's story about her precious angel son Kyle, and why this petition needs to be signed.

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