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December... Turquoise - The magical stone.  
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Hi My Name Is Jennifer

I am 11 Years Old.

My birthday is December, 22. 1995
I am in 5th Grade.

As you can see I love animals. All animals big and small. I don't even mind bugs, and reptiles.

It was very hard for me to choose which animals to place on my site, so I went with sea creatures. I hope one today to be a biologist or a zoologist and help be apart in protecting the animals. I have 5 cats and 1 dog. I really enjoy playing with them.

Other things I like to do are play with my friends and my brother and sister. You can see their pages too.
I also enjoy playing soccer, gardening and cooking with my mom. If I don't do something with animals, I would like to be a chef. I really like making deserts.

I also enjoy swimming, and especially in the summer I love going to six flags.

Well I hope you enjoy my page, and if you have time visit some of my favorite web sites.

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Well since my photo cannot be placed on the internet
You can visit my
special adoption page.

Click on the Octopus to see my Cyber Adoption Page.

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As you see I have no photo's.
Please visit the Teddy Bear Say's No Page to learn more.
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These are some of the place's I like to visit.

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Dress Up Games

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Fun Brain

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Mini Clips

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4 Kids 2 Play

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More Dress Up Games

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Club Penquin

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Littlest Pet Shop

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