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Welcome To My Adhesion Page

Many people know what Adhesions (Scar Tissue) is but not many realize that this condition can be debilitating. If you are unfamiliar with adhesions, here is a brief explanation of what these painful tissue's do to me. My abdomen is like one big spider web, causing the scar tissue to attach its self to all my organs, making it impossible for all my organs to be free flowing like they are suppose to be. Causing each movement quite painful.

The reason I have created this page is I am an adhesions suffer.
I have had Gyn related pain for  years, The last three years I have been in chronic pain due to massive amounts of Pelvic adhesions, they now believe that I have developed adhesions in other areas as well. I am 39 years old and I have had 13 abdominal surgeries. Surgery to remove adhesions are no longer an option for me, unless they are obstructing something. I have been seeking doctor after doctor trying to figure out the best course of treatment for my condition. We have tried various medications, and treatments such as Cortizone Injections, Abdominal nerve blocks,Trigger Point, Physcial Therapies,  so far none of these have worked. I have been living on Demerol to try to elevate some of my pain, If you are wondering why the Demerol, I am allergic to almost all other pain medications. Demerol does not take the pain away ,It lessens it to the point where I am sometimes able to function normally, there are many days that the Demerol doesn't even work.

To read more about me.
Please visit My Pain My Story
to read my on going struggle with pain.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?
There are thousands of people out there suffering with adhesion problems.
So far there has been no fail proof treatment for adhesions. I have decided to create this page in hopes to inform others about this horrible chronic pain conditions. The information and links will take you to other web sites that carry information about adhesions.  

Adhesion (Alternative names)
Pelvic adhesion, pericardial adhesion, intrauterine adhesion, scar tissue.

What are adhesions
All structures within the abdominal cavities are covered with a special smooth slippery tissue called peritoneum, that prevents these structures from becoming stuck to one another. Perhaps as a result of an infection, endometriosis, or the irritation that occurs from the handling of the abdominal or pelvic structures at the time of surgery, a type of scar tissue will develop that results in the sticking together of some of the organs or structures. This type of scar tissue, called adhesions may have the appearance of wispy cobwebs

 What causes adhesions

There are many things that can cause adhesions here is a list of a few.
 Cancer  Foreign bodies (partials like lint, powder from a surgical glove, or sponges)
By far the most common kind of Adhesion is the one that forms after surgery.

How common are adhesions

Adhesions are a common occurrence after pelvic or abdominal surgery. Adhesions are also common in women who suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, or sexually transmitted diseases.
The likelihood of adhesion formation and the seriousness of their consequences vary based on multiple factors (e.g., type of surgery, number of previous surgeries, surgical technique, and the predisposition of individual patients). However, studies have consistently shown that a majority of women who have gynecologic surgery will experience some degree of adhesion formation

What do they do

Cause infertility,
dyspareunia painful intercourse
and debilitating pelvic pain.
Adhesions involving the bowel can cause bowel obstruction or blockage
Most everyone has adhesions in their body, some remain silent and cause no problems, while other's suffer from tremendous pain, adhesions can form in every part of the body, because of my own personal problems with adhesions we are going to stay within the abdomen. Adhesions may cause sharp, pulling type pain, with each movement pain maybe increased.

What problems do they cause

painful intercourse
painful bowel movements
adhesions may also cause infertility
ectopic pregnancies
pain while reaching
pain while stretching
pain while bending
pain while exercising
adhesions in the intestines may cause partial or complete bowel obstruction
if they are around the liver this may cause pain with deep

How do you know if adhesions are causing your pain

It is very difficult to know exactly if adhesions are the cause of your pain, unless they do a laparoscopy a surgical procedure).

Treatment for adhesions
Pelvic laparoscopy a surgical procedure to examine and treat abdominal and pelvic organs through a small surgical viewing instrument (laparoscope) inserted into the abdomen.

Description of a Laparoscopy
While the patient is deep asleep and pain-free (general anesthesia), an one-half inch incision is made in the skin below the navel (umbilicus). Air is pumped into the abdomen to make the organs of the abdominal cavity more easily visible. The laparoscope is inserted and the area can be viewed. Instruments can be inserted through the scope to obtain tissue samples or to perform certain surgical procedures. After the laparoscopy, the gas is released and the incision is stitched.  

Expectations after surgery
Laparoscopies are growing more popular with physicians, especially with the advent of more "high-tech" laparoscopes. This procedure can be done on an outpatient basis, but an overnight stay may be necessary. The operating time averages one hour.  The gas pumped into the abdomen may cause abdominal discomfort for one or two days after the procedure. You may also suffer from gas pains in other area's, by taking little laps around your house this may help prevent gas pains

Chronic Pelvic Pain
is any pain that lasts more than six months. Some patients go on to develop what is termed Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. This is a patient who has chronic pain lasting more than six months that has also developed emotional and behavioral changes due to the duration of the pain and stress produced by the discomfort. We have all been taught from infancy to avoid pain. However, when pain is persistent and there seems to be no remedy, it creates tremendous tension. Most of us think of pain as being a symptom of tissue injury. However, in chronic pelvic pain almost always the tissue injury has ceased but the pain continues. This leads to a very important distinction among chronic pelvic pain and episodes of other pain that we might experience during our life: usually pain is a symptom, but in chronic pelvic pain, pain becomes the disease.

Did you know
93% of patients who had undergone at least one previous abdominal operation had adhesions, compared with only 10.4% of patients who had never had a previous abdominal operation.  % of all laparoscopies developed obstruction due to adhesions within one year of surgery with 3% leading to obstruction at some time after surgery. Of all cases of small bowel obstruction, 60-70% of cases involve adhesions  Lastly, following surgical treatment of adhesions causing intestinal obstruction, obstruction due to adhesion reformation occurred in 11 to 21% of cases  Between 55 and 100% of patients undergoing pelvic reconstructive surgery will form adhesions.

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I highly recommend you visit this website.

The place to learn about surgical adhesions and their prevention
Dr. Wiseman is an accomplished and recognized expert in the science and business of prevention of surgical adhesions with general expertise in preclinical, clinical, regulatory and marketing aspects of medical products
I have to tell you personally this doctor is a wonderful person, I have personally spoke with him on the telephone. If there were as many people in the world like Dr,Wiseman we would all be pain free. Thank you for your kindness and support
Learn more about adhesions Dr. Wiseman is featured in a monthly chat dedicated to adhesions at

Patients with FMS/MPS
are more prone to adhesions, fibroids, cysts overgrowths, and abnormal scarring. It is common for TrPs to form along incisions

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