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The web sites listed below have won our very special  award.
Please stop by these wonderful web sites ,and show your support.
I would like to  congratulate all of our winners ,and thank all our supporter's for showing their support in preventing child abuse.

To find out how you can have your name listed here
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Unfortunately some of the links have become bad.
If you would like us to keep your link remember to let us know when your address has changed.

January Winner's

Leah's World

Safe Havens, Inc

February Winner's

Savannahs Light

The Manalo Family Homepage

Stephena's2 Website


LadieSassie's Place

Diary Of A Mad Housewife

March Winner's

April's Winner's

My Life and Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis

In Loving Memory of Siobhan Brianna McDonald.


May's Winners

June's Winners

July  Winner's


August Winner's

Rosewoodflowers Place

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